Flexflow- Harsh Environment Diving Hoses and Umbilicals.
Flexflow Hose.
This is the Ultimate Gas Supply Hose. Especially designed for demanding applications where higher pressures or greater safety factors are required. Recognized for its low VOC off gassing characteristics and solid construction this hose range is ideal for offshore surface diving applications.
Construction comprises a thermoplastic elastomer core tube, braided reinforcement of high strength yarn and a bonded polyurethane outer cover. The type and increased amount of reinforcement gives this product increased working pressures and extended service life in harsh environments.
Flexflow Umbilicals.
Our Flexflow Umbilical line is ideal for use within Main Bell Umbilicals, Wet Bell Umbilicals and any offshore excursion application requiring higher pressures than our Aquaflow product. Flexflow construction begins with an extruded core tube followed by a heavy reinforcement braid of high strength yarn and an extruded outer cover that offers the best in abrasion protection. As a result, Flexflow hose and umbilical products have increased working pressures and extended service life in offshore surface diving applications.
Additionally, Flexflow hose and umbilical products are manufactured using UI specified thermoplastics and materials that result in low VOC emissions to meet stringent Health and Safety requirements worldwide.
As with all our hose products, Flexflow is manufactured in our ISO 9000:2008 facility with a full understanding of the critical nature of the product as a key element to the success of any professional diver or diving operation. Our products are designed with both the diver and the environment they will encounter in mind. Umbilicals International is committed to maintaining a critical balance between providing the highest quality product in the most cost effective manner to our clients worldwide.