Aquaflow- Surface Diving Hoses and Umbilicals.
Aquaflow Hose
Known worldwide for its lightweight and ultra flexible construction, Aquaflow hoses are ideal for surface demand applications. Aquaflow kink resistant construction comprises of an extruded core tube, reinforcement of high strength yarn and a bonded outer cover. Both tube and cover are extruded from high performance thermoplastic polymers which are particularly clean and free from odors often associated with conventional rubber hoses. Coupled with the wide operating temperature range this ensures breathing gas quality is maintained under all conditions from -20°C to +66°C.



Aquaflow Umbilicals.
aquaflow-diving-umbilicals3 Lightweight, ultra flexible and kink resistant, Aquaflow Umbilicals are ideal for breathing gas supply, comms and pneumo service for surface demand umbilicals. They can be produced in production runs up to 740 meters long and can be over extruded or braided for additional protection against abrasion and use in contaminated waters.
The unique materials and cabled “rope-like” construction combine to produce the most flexible, controlled buoyancy umbilicals available today. The umbilicals have no need for tape, the repairs are much reduced and they have a longer life. They keep the professional diver safer and more efficient both while diving and on deck. They will ultimately reduce costs for the operator.
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