MiniKing Sonar Compact Imaging Sonar.
MiniKing with auxiliary port

  • Extremely compact unit
  • Full software functionality
  • Instant scan reversal and sector scan options
  • Inverted head option included in software
  • Hard boot protection for transducer
  • Cost effective and reliable
  • 100m operating range (with hard targets)
  • Simple to operate


  • ROV obstacle avoidance and target recognition
  • AUV obstacle avoidance and target recognition

The Tritech MiniKing Sonar is a new concept in high performance products. This very small sonar is available in several configurations enabling it to be fitted to the smallest of ROVs or other underwater carriers. The sonar is controlled by a customer supplied PC or Laptop.
The MiniKing incorporates the very latest electronics and many of the software features normally associated with full sized commercial systems. Tritech believe that although MiniKing is small in both size and cost it should offer the full range of functionality expected from a professional product. The system benefits from the experience gained from Tritech’s position as market leader in the supply of small commercial and military sonars.
A version of the MiniKing is also available with an auxiliary port, which enables the user to network a RS232 device. This may be a Tritech altimeter, for example, or a third party sensor. The data output can be displayed alongside the sonar data via the specially designed software.
Fully serviceable and extremely reliable, the MiniKing is the most rugged compact sonar in our range.


Operating frequency                            675 kHz

Beamwidth, vertical                             40°

Beamwidth, horizontal                        3.0°

Range                                                  100 metres (300 feet)

Source level                                        210db re 1uPA@1m

System bandwidth                               35kHz

Scan sectors                                        360° continuous or 180° forward, left or right

Step speed                                          Normal, Fast or Super Fast

Instant reversal                                    Yes

Image measurement                            Yes

Inverted head operation                      Yes

Power requirements                            12, 24, 48 VDC @ 6 VA

Data communication                           Opto isolated RS 485 (twisted pair), RS 232 (via modem up to 115kb/s)

Communication requirements             Maximum cable length 1000 metres (using RS 485)

Topside control                                   Customer supplied PC or Laptop using standard serial comms port.

Windows 98, 2000 or XP Operating System.

Software                                              Tritech SeaNet(OEM) display and control or low level direct command protocol.

Maximum length                                  180mm

Maximum width                                   88mm

Maximum height                                  76mm

Weight in air                                        1.1 kilograms

Weight in water                                    0.5 kilograms

Maximum operational depth                1000 metres

Materials                                              Aluminium alloy-HE30, RPU

Finish                                                  Hard anodised

Standard connector                             Tritech 6 pin

Operating temperature                        -10°C to +35°C

Storage temperature                            -20°C to +50°C