Considered by technical divers as the ‘Ultimate’ dive Fins.

Our Jet Fins are manufactured from a very high quality of rubber, using the latest manufacturing processes.

They have a great weight, are extremely robust and have been specifically designed for maximum endurance, exceptional propulsion and the ultimate finning power.

Originally developed for commercial and military use but due to their compact design, they are equally suited to wreck diving, cave dives and technical diver applications, where a shorter length dive fin is preferred.

For many years, these diving fins have been the preferred choice of our military divers in addition to most commercial, technical and deep divers, around the globe.

In addition, these dive fins are available with the traditional metal ‘clamp’ style fin strap buckles or the modern heavy-duty Fastex ‘quick release’ fin strap buckles (see pictures).

Please Note – Our Spring Fin Straps are only suitable for use with the Fastex buckle versions of these Jet Fins.

Also – The listed fin sizes are for wetboots or standard width drysuit boots. For wide fitting drysuit boots, please select one size higher than your drysuit boot size (up to a maximum of XXXL).