Apollo’s Ranger XT are tough, light and compact military split fins that are suitable for long and short distance water operations, including counter terrorism, tactical operations, mine counter measures, search and rescue, and battle damage repair. Their size and low weight means that they are also suitable for helicopter and parachute insertions.

Users prefer Apollo’s natural rubber material as it is negatively buoyant. If the user is required to discard the fins when in the water, they will sink to the bottom and therefore not alert others the user’s presence. Similarly, the rubber’s flexibility gives powerful thrust while reducing the risk of surface splashing.

The comfortable foot pocket accommodates most military and amphibious footwear, for example jungle boots. Owing to the anti-slip high traction sole, these fins are also easy to walk in.

Fin Size Thick Sole Over Boot Amphibous & Military Footwear Length Per Fin Width Per Fin Weight Pair
M-L 10~ 12 8~ 10 423 mm 252 mm 1200 g
L-XL 12~ ** 10~ ** 423 mm 252 mm 1200 g