The Bio-Fin Pro has won and continues to win numerous awards throughout the world for its design and effciency. The Bio-Fin Pro’s excellence leads to its choice and use by some of the worlds elite specialist naval warefare units. The Bio-Fin Pro has demonstrated its reliablity with the British Royal Marines (Special Forces) SBS, British Royal Navy (Search & Rescue), United States Navy (Special Forces) SEALs and United States Army Rangers to name a few.

Not all split fins are equal. Apollo was the first to visualize and introduce the split fin technology to the diving public. There are now more than a dozen alternative split fins on the market. Look closely before you decide. While some are produced with a plastic rubber compound, the Apollo Bio-Fin series is the only split fin produced with 100% rubber.

100% rubber provides a soft comfortable foot pocket and the perfect amount of weight and flexibility for top speed with the least amount of effort and strain on your body.

Fin Size Shoe Size Men Shoe Size Women Length Per Fin Width Per Fin Weight Pair
S 7~ 8 7~ 8 504 mm 222 mm 2200 g
M 8~ 9 9~ 10 560 mm 234 mm 2776 g
L 9~ 11 10~ 11 560 mm 234 mm 2910 g