The Desco Air Hat was designed in 1968, and has continually evolved to meet the requirements of the commercial diving industry. Major upgrades to the design of the Air Hat over the years were made so they could be retrofitted to older helmets thus increasing their service life. The Desco Air Hat is a “free flow” helmet of contemporary design, using time proven techniques and materials in its construction. The Air Hat is remarkable for it can be disassembled and reassembled using only a screwdriver and wrench. It can easily be donned or doffed by the diver without assistance from the tender. The Air Hat is the preferred helmet for working in hazardous environments where contamination of the diver is a concern. Desco Dive Helmet normally comes with tin plating standard but Metallic Blue, International Orange, Black, Red and Yellow colors are also available.


  • Conforms to all current regulations of the ADC Consensus Standards, and U.S. Federal Regulations administered by OSHA and the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • Certified by the European Community for use in EC member countries and carries the CE number stamped on the tail
  • Adjustable double exhaust
  • Double air inlet valve with non returns (bail out non return threaded for SCUBA whip)
  • Two wire communications; mic/speaker with binding post
  • Communications housing fitted with two binding posts, with a four wire communication plug connection option (Part Number 61228)
  • Stainless steel air control valve rated at 6000 PSIG
  • Two video/light blocks
  • Tin plated finish
  • Brass parts have high polish finish. Certain colors are standard at no additional cost

Desco Dive Helmet: Part Number 61000 Includes

  • User Manual
  • Neck Ring Insert
  • Size 15 Neck dam
  • Adjustable Jock Strap